Since Autonio got incubated by SingularityNET back in 2019 we had the opportunity to collaborate with SingualrityNETs amazing team, which is the leading force in the decentralized AI revolution.

Since then we have been making steady progress in designing our AI network that will empower the NIOX Suite.

We are…

Dear community,

as you might have known, Autonio has always been a community driven project and we believe it’s important for us to undertake innovative campaigns that boost platform usage and visibility of our project. In that spirit we are pleased to finally present to you our Earndrop Campaign. In…

Thanks to all participants, the NIOX liquidity mining campaign, conducted on Uniswap, was a huge success. During the campaign period we saw the liquidity and volume soar to new highs.

The winners of campaign #2 are as follows:


  1. 0xa995c41881e42bd0b97fbd876282f3fe75a44a5c
  2. 0x96e9977261592a8099a65e41371a1dfb1aee993f
  3. 0xf174fea9482dfd401db9afea88d2c3ca662f4d86
  4. 0x5c768cd8d2bbc26086c2a159c3e5afe60ed72f23
  5. 0x2327d09bc8a65a4489a15da1fa7231c432c039c1
  6. 0xfbbfe572ca1bfa87f641b4474b94497979361688
  7. 0x7f9816c03756b7b3ebda3961998e1ec66762d11e
  8. 0x7fd30caa61242e4d03711e9c632bfc78a9d70b95…

Autonio Foundation, Twitter: @AI_Autonio

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