Liquidity has long been a central concern, not only for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, but for financial markets in general. It is a prerequisite for the growth of a project, financially and otherwise. Efforts have been made to solve the liquidity problem by providing it from some concentrated or centralized venue. But this conflicts with the decentralization ethos itself of the DeFi economy.

DeFi is aiming to create a financial system that’s open to everyone minimizing one’s need to trust and rely on central authorities. The latest “hype” in crypto markets, triggered by the AMMs (Automated Market Makers) and their…

Since Autonio got incubated by SingularityNET back in 2019 we had the opportunity to collaborate with SingualrityNETs amazing team, which is the leading force in the decentralized AI revolution.

Since then we have been making steady progress in designing our AI network that will empower the NIOX Suite.

We are happy to announce that Autonio and SingularityNET alliance is entering a new phase wherein the parties will closely cooperate to make the DeFi space smarter.

We are also very pleased to welcome Dr. Ben Goertzel to the Autonio Foundation as an advisor. His expertise will help us build a robust…

We’re pleased to present to you our 4th Uniswap Liquidity Mining campaign. The rewards of the the last campaign will be distributed early this week.

Liquidity Mining Campaign — #4

To follow through with the fourth round of the campaign we have allocated a total of 400,000 NIOX tokens for all liquidity providers on NIOX/ETH based on their share of the pool, over a span of 4 weeks from 23rd November 1:00 PM GMT to 24th December 12:00 PM GMT.

What is liquidity mining?

Liquidity mining is a community-based, data-driven approach to market making, in which a token issuer or exchange can reward a pool of “miners” to provide…

Dear community,

We’re excited to bring to you the 3rd campaign of our liquidity mining series.

Liquidity Mining Campaign — #3

To follow through with a third round of the campaign we have allocated a 400,000 NIOX tokens to be distributed to all liquidity providers on NIOX-ETH based on their share of the pool, over a span of 4 weeks from 22nd October 12:00 PM GMT to 23rd November 12:00 PM GMT.

What is liquidity mining?

Liquidity mining is a community-based, data-driven approach to market making, in which a token issuer or exchange can reward a pool of “miners” to provide liquidity for a specified token pair. …

Dear community,

as you might have known, Autonio has always been a community driven project and we believe it’s important for us to undertake innovative campaigns that boost platform usage and visibility of our project. In that spirit we are pleased to finally present to you our Earndrop Campaign. In order for Autonio to be widely adopted and visible, we decided to design campaigns that incentivize holders to use our tools and share their results with a wider audience. In our mission to democratize access to trading tools we present to you the NIOX Earndrop campaign.

What is the Earndrop?

NIOX token holders and…

Thanks to all participants, the NIOX liquidity mining campaign, conducted on Uniswap, was a huge success. During the campaign period we saw the liquidity and volume soar to new highs.

The winners of campaign #2 are as follows:


  1. 0xa995c41881e42bd0b97fbd876282f3fe75a44a5c
  2. 0x96e9977261592a8099a65e41371a1dfb1aee993f
  3. 0xf174fea9482dfd401db9afea88d2c3ca662f4d86
  4. 0x5c768cd8d2bbc26086c2a159c3e5afe60ed72f23
  5. 0x2327d09bc8a65a4489a15da1fa7231c432c039c1
  6. 0xfbbfe572ca1bfa87f641b4474b94497979361688
  7. 0x7f9816c03756b7b3ebda3961998e1ec66762d11e
  8. 0x7fd30caa61242e4d03711e9c632bfc78a9d70b95
  9. 0x2954ba45fb4b5ca97674dbb4104f2e98e43bdcda
  10. 0xbd6f9e3ab6503babffa34f61f30c287ec5f166a9


  1. 0xc005fcbddebe8f62c6a659f93be21dd49cee5228
  2. 0x3ff23183a9c70665c14831e10cc6297b6ffd157c
  3. 0x78a37eefd78aba67e5bab9578421477789551245
  4. 0xce8b62e61bfabea08a0facf4d5aa153e302dc930
  5. 0xbf8c73ca501be9f3667c37eb261192a30949e07a
  6. 0x5c768cd8d2bbc26086c2a159c3e5afe60ed72f23
  7. 0x609902c8cecab024042a386a164cae6fddfc5fe9
  8. 0x13179d8c75d13e3695265b31aa81ba84a27853f4
  9. 0x3cbae805330c65d741f42fd86050bebbefb5e7d3
  10. 0x213cc48f1de9b90e749acb6a96c40e5648ce25ad…

Autonio Foundation’s reboot as a DAO, powered by NIOX, has been off to a great start. One of the most exciting aspects of this reboot is NIOX staking and governance.

NIOX Staking makes the holder a part of the NIOX DAO, allowing them to get involved integrally with the project, interact with the team and other DAO members and make decisions on the development & strategy of the project. Furthermore, active stakers are eligible for annual staking rewards.

Why should I stake my NIOX?

With the reboot of the project we stand at an early and nascent stage of this DAO. …

The NIOX Maker, part of NIOX Suite by Autonio, now supports Loopring Exchange, an Ethereum zkRollup DEX. It’s live and ready for the public to start trading and market making with. You can begin running your strategies here.

Autonio Foundation’s automated trading tools and infrastructure, especially the NIOX Maker, are a perfect match for the high performance engine offered by Loopring. Combined, users are able to deploy active liquidity provision strategies on a gas-free, non-custodial Ethereum exchange. …

We are pleased to announce that Luke will join The Autonio Foundation as an investor and strategic advisor.


He was one of the core members at CoinMarketCap and worked as their Chief Evangelist and Chief Content Officer. He got involved with CoinMarketCap in 2016, and was the second member of the team. He built the team responsible for evaluating all the coins/tokens and exchanges as well as maintaining the several thousand data fields across the site alongside spearheading several business development initiatives.

In his earlier career he gained valuable experiences in the classical financial sector, by working as an analyst…

Results of our liquidity mining campaign

We undertook a NIOX Liquidity Mining campaign in order to bootstrap and incentivize adding liquidity on NIOX-ETH pair on Uniswap last week.

During the first campaign that lasted 7 day, we saw the liquidity on NIOX-ETH increase to around 35ETH and 350,000 NIOX. We thank all those who participated — here are the winners:

  1. 0xce8b62e61bfabea08a0facf4d5aa153e302dc930
  2. 0x5c768cd8d2bbc26086c2a159c3e5afe60ed72f23
  3. 0x14f4785e5f8738eb589eb0bf9edc6a5f86755944
  4. 0xd53bf7bee9e358cd405c3579cd0ed1e1e6ee0aa0
  5. 0x78a37eefd78aba67e5bab9578421477789551245
  6. 0x968d10201cc57efbbbde903c4d986aeaf3c2c5fa
  7. 0xbd6f9e3ab6503babffa34f61f30c287ec5f166a9
  8. 0x344e56f1ba434d8bf3d06e0a40cd4968515e0092
  9. 0xc30de901f91aa241183a5f62a106c5a01aceda75
  10. 0xca616b5cca1116be0caf58aa4091c645f6041279
  11. 0x1f569ee215b5156355de27b54424881b6d820e9f

Liquidity Mining Campaign — #2

To follow through with a second round of the campaign we have allocated a 400,000 NIOX tokens to be distributed to top 10 liquidity providers on both NIOX-ETH and NIOX-USDT pair over a span of…

Autonio Foundation, Twitter: @AI_Autonio

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