Results of our first voting session

We appreciate all members that participated in the DAO voting session held between 24th and 26th of July. Please read on to find out some of the key outcomes of this session -

NIO-NIOX Swap will not be extended

All unswapped tokens will be airdropped to all NIOX holder wallets proportionally. Details of the number of un-swapped tokens and NIOX airdrop will be published next week. The airdrop distribution will subsequently be initiated and completed before the 5th of August so that the receivers are able to add the tokens to their DAO membership stake.

Minimum staking time-period remains at 6 months

All members that stake their tokens for more than 6 months will be eligible for receiving staking rewards! More information on how you can still stake your tokens and be eligible for staking rewards will be released next week.

Token withdraw penalty removed.

Token withdraw penalty imposed as part of the Toll-bridge will be removed and all holders will be able to stake their tokens at any given time through the NIOX portal. All members who withdrew their tokens and as a result have half of their tokens locked, and qualify for the DAO membership, can now stake those locked tokens. The procedure will follow simple steps:

  1. Log-in to the NIOX Portal.

ATTENTION! — Staking must happen from the same wallet you claimed your NIOX with. Discrepancies among staking address and locked tokens’ address will result in loss of your locked tokens. This will be an automatic process, therefore we won’t be able to mend things for you.

What’s next?

With the votings concluded, we’re now gearing up for the next stage of our project re-launch. In the coming weeks we will be engaging some exchanges, conducting trading competitions following through with some listings and more.

Expect the release of an updated roadmap and new campaign announcements next week!

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