Earndrop Campaign

Autonio Foundation
2 min readOct 10, 2020

Dear community,

as you might have known, Autonio has always been a community driven project and we believe it’s important for us to undertake innovative campaigns that boost platform usage and visibility of our project. In that spirit we are pleased to finally present to you our Earndrop Campaign. In order for Autonio to be widely adopted and visible, we decided to design campaigns that incentivize holders to use our tools and share their results with a wider audience. In our mission to democratize access to trading tools we present to you the NIOX Earndrop campaign.

What is the Earndrop?

NIOX token holders and the crypto community at large will have the opportunity to earn NIOX by using the NIOX Maker and sharing their results with the world. Rewards will be calculated based on different variables such as number of transactions, trades, liquidity, volume & duration of platform usage.

The significance of Earndrop

This is a major opportunity for community members and holders to earn NIOX while also sharpening their trading skills and familiarizing themselves with our market maker.

The campaign is expected to generate an invaluable uptick in platform usage.

With all this we will tackle the problems a lot of projects have, getting new users on board, and we also will make our tools known to the crypto community as a whole.

What’s next?

The Earndrop will start on 11–01–2020. The Earndrop portal with clear instructions will go live a week before that. Join us in making Autonio and it’s tools known to a broader audience, and let us conquer the DeFi space.

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